As the weather starts to warm up, the sun rises earlier and sets later leaving plenty of time for outdoor adventures. Turn off the TV, the iPad, the cellphone and engage with your “keedos” in a way that will build lifelong, precious memories. Become their adventure guide. There are so many exciting activities that don’t cost much, but the impact they’ll have on your child’s development, imagination and bond with you is priceless.

Harness the power of the imagination and set up a treasure hunt in your yard, or your local park. Leave clues that lead to more clues, and watch as your little ones unravel the secrets and follow the trail. If that’s not for you, why not have an early dinner on a picnic blanket outside, while playing a game of cards as you wait to watch the sunset together?

 While it makes moms cringe, there really is nothing quite as satisfying as coming home with kids that are filthy from head to toe, after a day out in the sunshine. At Keedo, we produce clothes that are stylishly made from premium quality cotton; robust enough to let kids be little, and last long (even through tough dirt and many washes).

 Take them to the park, let them explore, fly a drone, fly a kite, play with them on the jungle gym and race them around a dam – the possibilities are endless. Get outside and enjoy their company! Clothes can be washed, skin can be cleaned, memories last forever.

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Winter will soon be winding down but, for now, the snow is setting in, the cold fronts keep appearing, and moms and dads across the country are tasked with ensuring their little ones are safe and snug. However, keeping your kiddies warm this chilly season doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, style or fun. Keedo has embraced the time of year and delivered various wondrous ranges for boys, and whimsical ranges for girls.

These ranges focus on letting kids be little, while protecting them from the elements by offering practical, comfortable clothing in natural materials and swanky styles. Drawing creativity from misty mornings, blue winter skies, bright afternoons, and the midnight moon, the winter ranges feature shades of blue, grey, yellow, pink, peach and purple, all drawn together in playful patterns.

Boys can enjoy comfortable long sleeve shirts, trendy arctic and sleeveless hoodies, and toasty puffer jackets. The girls are treated to vogueish cardigans, cosy sweaters and comfy, warm tights. The clothing is adorned with designs inspired by nature, the latest in fashion trends and the premise that children should be given all the time they need simply to be children.


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In today’s high-paced life, when children often suffer from as much stress, pressure and anxiety as their parents, a strong focus must be placed on simply letting kids be kids. They can’t do this if they don’t feel comfortable – both with the environment that they’re in, and in the clothes that they’re wearing. With the right natural fibers and soft materials, your kids will be content on the playground, with not a care or worry in the world.

Whether you’re relaxing at home, taking a break at a park, or have taken your Keedos on an exciting excursion to an animal park, theme park or adventure venue, their level of comfort will determine their level of fun. Nothing quite beats feeling at ease, relaxed and happy in clothing that doesn’t interfere with the playtime task at hand – leaving your kids smiling, sparkling, and shining.

Matching the the right leggings, tracksuit pants and comfy jeans, with snug shirts, dresses and hoodies means more playtime, and a lot of rest and relaxation for mom and dad. The right colour palette enhances casual fun, while mimicking the winter skies – shades of navies, greys and blues do the job well.

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“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, and story-tellers…” Pam Brown is certainly on the right track here. Kids across the country will be celebrating their dads on the 18th of June, honouring their strength, guidance, and affection – after all, that’s where love and care is born. The difference a dad’s love can make is simply incredible; but getting dad a gift isn’t always easy. Keedo has released an exclusive Father’s Day t-shirt, so moms can spoil dads while spoiling their keedos too. With the slogan “I’m as lucky as can be for the world’s best dad belongs to me”, the long-sleeved t- shirt is the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe – and one that will have dad beaming with pride, with his little one on his arm.


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In a technological age, it’s crucial to maintain your child’s sense of wonder, their appreciation for adventure and their spirit of exploration. While this may be every parent’s goal, budget constraints and the constantly increasing cost of living can put a damper on your plans for fun escapades. There are five things, however, that every parent can do with their keedo’s that won’t break the bank.

When the weather is good, why not go to a park with a blanket, take off your shoes, and enjoy the outdoors and green grass? If your kids love books, there are many libraries around that offer free story telling sessions. Give you local library a call to find out when their readings take place.

For some adrenaline fueled fun, take your children sand boarding at your local sand dunes. A simple flattened packing box is ideal for speeding down the hills.

Most children love animals. Why not take your child to a petting zoo? There are many smaller petting zoos around the country that charge low entry fees and which will give your children the opportunity to hand-feed tame bunnies and other animals like goats, cows and donkeys.

Sometimes a shoestring budget means not leaving the house. Implementing a family games night is an incredibly entertaining way to bond.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun!






A nutritious Easter breakfast is a must before the bunny comes to visit, and the chocolate egg hunts begin. Easter is family bonding time, and there’s nothing quite like waking up to a delicious meal, and enjoying it together.

Treat your “keedos” to a breakfast with a difference, using the Easter theme to your advantage. For something sweet, make some breakfast bunnies. Bake some flapjacks of different sizes. Use the larger flapjacks as the body, a smaller one for a head, and some fruit cut to shape for ears, to complete the bunny look.

If you’re after something a little more savoury, why not create some croissant “carrots” – the perfect snack for the kids to share with the Easter bunny. Cut the croissants into a cylindrical shape, stuff with egg-mayonnaise and finish with a sprig of fresh parsley. These look great, and make for wonderful breakfast food.

For a more traditional South African breakfast option, create a likeness of the Easter bunny with your staple ingredients; eggs, bacon and berries. Fry an egg keeping the yolk in the middle, as this will serve as the bunny’s face and nose. Use two rashers of bacon as the bunny’s ears, and a couple of blueberries as eyes. Add a few sprigs of chives as whiskers, and the bunny is ready to be enjoyed.

Easter breakfast ideas 3                               Egg salad croissants

Fox pancakes                       Easter breakfast ideas 2


In an increasingly technologically driven world, 21st century kids are often holed up indoors, on an iPad, watching television, or playing TV games. This can lead to sensory issues and stunts certain elements of development. The key to getting them back into nature is to make it more appealing than the tech.

Start off by buying your keedos an outfit to garden in. Purchase some gloves, and get them their own tools. This will give them a sense of ownership, and getting dressed for the job will be an exciting step to getting into the dirt. Start off with plants that are easy to grow, such as tomatoes, lettuce or sunflowers. Show them the basics of preparing the soil and planting seedlings – and once they understand that process, show them how to plant cuttings to turn one plant into two.

Encourage your children to channel their natural curiosity into something beneficial. Something that will result in much beauty, and possibly even fruit and vegetables for the family table. Gardening offers kids an avenue to explore the environment in an engaging way, and can be something fun for you to do together.

 Through gardening, kids can also be taught to appreciate the limited resources Earth holds. Teach your children to make compost from kitchen off-cuts, mulch and promote new nutrients in the soil. Gardening holds valuable life lessons, such as; responsibility, patience, and the natural circle of life.
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February is the month of love and there’s nothing more valuable than kids that value each other. While Keedo strives to design clothes that teach kids to love and nurture Mother Nature, fostering a loving attitude is something that moms and dads do best. Parenting is tough, and despite all of its glorious moments, it can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you raise future adults that respect, support and love one another.

Kids will emulate what they see at home and on television, and what they read or hear you read to them. Filter what you expose your keedos to – read them books that emphasise love through friendship, and teach the value of kindness. Watch a few episodes of the cartoons on their favourite channel to determine whether the correct behaviour is being encouraged.

When you’re driving home from school, ask your kids how they demonstrated love to their friends that day. Remind them that love can be shown in many unique ways, such as helping a friend carry their books, paying someone a compliment, or simply smiling at someone and wishing them a good day.

Lastly, build a giving, compassionate culture by example. Get involved in your local community, taking your children along to witness the power in compassion – and the incredible way that lending a helping hand can show love (and change someone’s life).

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As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them – join them. While many parents struggle with maintaining a balance between how much technology to expose their kids to, and how much time should be spent outdoors, some apps are making the task that much easier. As a designer kids clothing brand that is passionate about educating children to respect and appreciate Mother Nature, Keedo highlights these incredible, nature loving innovations.

Bringing in an element of education, the Hippo Seasons app (by Hippitrox) helps kids to learn about the different seasons through fun interaction. It allows viewers to explore the joys of each season virtually, even giving South African kids a taste of what it’s like to have a snowy winter.


The Little Bug features a blue caterpillar that takes kids on an adventure around the garden, teaching them interesting facts about the other small bugs encountered there – from grasshoppers to ants and more.


Similarly, the MarcoPolo Ocean app teaches kids about 30 different types of sea life, including fish and other marine animals. This is an interactive app that allows kids to build reefs and underwater ecosystems, while teaching them about the beauty of the creatures that inhabit them.


Once their interests are piqued, these adventurous “keedos” will be begging for the outdoors, for a chance to witness what they’ve learnt in the real world.


Preschool is a big step – for both the parents and the children.  Walking away from a sobbing child who wants to go home is never easy; so why not try some of these tips to thwart the separation anxiety and get the kiddies excited about school.

Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine suggests making a countdown calendar, starting seven days before their first day at school (like an advent calendar). This will aid in preparing your child mentally, making the transition a little smoother.calendar

Nelia Annandale, owner of beloved kids’ clothing boutique, Keedo, confirms that a few new outfits – dedicated only to school – will give the little ones something to look forward to at least for the first week of school. By the time they’ve cycled through the new outfits, they should have settled in and made some friends.    outfits

Implementing a fun new routine relating to school will help to build excitement. Make Mondays treat days, adding something your child loves to their lunchbox. Make a big show of taking photos on the first day of school. Decide together how goodbyes will be said – read one short book, give a kiss and a hug, and say “goodbye” – that way, your child will be fully aware of what to expect, and never left in the lurch having expected more.lunchbox

Try to see it from your child’s point of view – patience, positivity and preparation are key.