A nutritious Easter breakfast is a must before the bunny comes to visit, and the chocolate egg hunts begin. Easter is family bonding time, and there’s nothing quite like waking up to a delicious meal, and enjoying it together.

Treat your “keedos” to a breakfast with a difference, using the Easter theme to your advantage. For something sweet, make some breakfast bunnies. Bake some flapjacks of different sizes. Use the larger flapjacks as the body, a smaller one for a head, and some fruit cut to shape for ears, to complete the bunny look.

If you’re after something a little more savoury, why not create some croissant “carrots” – the perfect snack for the kids to share with the Easter bunny. Cut the croissants into a cylindrical shape, stuff with egg-mayonnaise and finish with a sprig of fresh parsley. These look great, and make for wonderful breakfast food.

For a more traditional South African breakfast option, create a likeness of the Easter bunny with your staple ingredients; eggs, bacon and berries. Fry an egg keeping the yolk in the middle, as this will serve as the bunny’s face and nose. Use two rashers of bacon as the bunny’s ears, and a couple of blueberries as eyes. Add a few sprigs of chives as whiskers, and the bunny is ready to be enjoyed.

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In an increasingly technologically driven world, 21st century kids are often holed up indoors, on an iPad, watching television, or playing TV games. This can lead to sensory issues and stunts certain elements of development. The key to getting them back into nature is to make it more appealing than the tech.

Start off by buying your keedos an outfit to garden in. Purchase some gloves, and get them their own tools. This will give them a sense of ownership, and getting dressed for the job will be an exciting step to getting into the dirt. Start off with plants that are easy to grow, such as tomatoes, lettuce or sunflowers. Show them the basics of preparing the soil and planting seedlings – and once they understand that process, show them how to plant cuttings to turn one plant into two.

Encourage your children to channel their natural curiosity into something beneficial. Something that will result in much beauty, and possibly even fruit and vegetables for the family table. Gardening offers kids an avenue to explore the environment in an engaging way, and can be something fun for you to do together.

 Through gardening, kids can also be taught to appreciate the limited resources Earth holds. Teach your children to make compost from kitchen off-cuts, mulch and promote new nutrients in the soil. Gardening holds valuable life lessons, such as; responsibility, patience, and the natural circle of life.
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February is the month of love and there’s nothing more valuable than kids that value each other. While Keedo strives to design clothes that teach kids to love and nurture Mother Nature, fostering a loving attitude is something that moms and dads do best. Parenting is tough, and despite all of its glorious moments, it can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you raise future adults that respect, support and love one another.

Kids will emulate what they see at home and on television, and what they read or hear you read to them. Filter what you expose your keedos to – read them books that emphasise love through friendship, and teach the value of kindness. Watch a few episodes of the cartoons on their favourite channel to determine whether the correct behaviour is being encouraged.

When you’re driving home from school, ask your kids how they demonstrated love to their friends that day. Remind them that love can be shown in many unique ways, such as helping a friend carry their books, paying someone a compliment, or simply smiling at someone and wishing them a good day.

Lastly, build a giving, compassionate culture by example. Get involved in your local community, taking your children along to witness the power in compassion – and the incredible way that lending a helping hand can show love (and change someone’s life).

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As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them – join them. While many parents struggle with maintaining a balance between how much technology to expose their kids to, and how much time should be spent outdoors, some apps are making the task that much easier. As a designer kids clothing brand that is passionate about educating children to respect and appreciate Mother Nature, Keedo highlights these incredible, nature loving innovations.

Bringing in an element of education, the Hippo Seasons app (by Hippitrox) helps kids to learn about the different seasons through fun interaction. It allows viewers to explore the joys of each season virtually, even giving South African kids a taste of what it’s like to have a snowy winter.


The Little Bug features a blue caterpillar that takes kids on an adventure around the garden, teaching them interesting facts about the other small bugs encountered there – from grasshoppers to ants and more.


Similarly, the MarcoPolo Ocean app teaches kids about 30 different types of sea life, including fish and other marine animals. This is an interactive app that allows kids to build reefs and underwater ecosystems, while teaching them about the beauty of the creatures that inhabit them.


Once their interests are piqued, these adventurous “keedos” will be begging for the outdoors, for a chance to witness what they’ve learnt in the real world.


Preschool is a big step – for both the parents and the children.  Walking away from a sobbing child who wants to go home is never easy; so why not try some of these tips to thwart the separation anxiety and get the kiddies excited about school.

Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine suggests making a countdown calendar, starting seven days before their first day at school (like an advent calendar). This will aid in preparing your child mentally, making the transition a little smoother.calendar

Nelia Annandale, owner of beloved kids’ clothing boutique, Keedo, confirms that a few new outfits – dedicated only to school – will give the little ones something to look forward to at least for the first week of school. By the time they’ve cycled through the new outfits, they should have settled in and made some friends.    outfits

Implementing a fun new routine relating to school will help to build excitement. Make Mondays treat days, adding something your child loves to their lunchbox. Make a big show of taking photos on the first day of school. Decide together how goodbyes will be said – read one short book, give a kiss and a hug, and say “goodbye” – that way, your child will be fully aware of what to expect, and never left in the lurch having expected more.lunchbox

Try to see it from your child’s point of view – patience, positivity and preparation are key.


The proudly South African designer kids clothing boutique, Keedo, has entrenched training and development into its company culture, its ethos. It takes great pride in its people, and all Head Office staff, including those that work in the factory, are offered the chance to attend a training course every 18 months. As such, the company strives to empower its staff through education.

This investment in its people has certainly made a positive impact on its staff and their families. Tasleema, for example, began working at Keedo as a general worker in the cutting room. Three years later she attended a six-month cutting course. The skills she learnt at this course led to a promotion; she was appointed as Keedo’s Head Cutter. In 2014 she completed a Cutting Room Management course and, today, she is the Cutting Room Manager.



Similarly, Zulfa started working in the Keedo factory as a general worker, working her way up to the cutting room and then the fabric department. A few years later, Zulfa progressed into the planning division, and attended a Production Management course in 2014. Two years on, Zulfa is a Planning Manager in the Production Department.



Kauthar started as a Keedo machinist, moving her way up to the sample hand department. In 2014, she completed a pattern making course and, soon after, a Quality Control course. Today Kauthar is Head of Quality for Keedo.



Keedo is proud of all of its staff and there are many more inspirational stories to share. Encouraging its workforce to attend training and skills development programmes is paramount to Keedo; a practice that makes a real difference.


When Nelia Annandale, founder of Keedo, initially established the company, she sought a brand that would be soft on the skin of her very own twin “keedos” – and the rest, as they say, is history. In the spirit of letting kids be kids, Keedo offers some great tips on creating Christmas gifts at home; crafty gifts by kids.

One of Keedo’s true passions is to educate children about the value of Mother Nature. Why not show your children how to recycle brown paper lunch bags or brown paper wrapping into a beautiful scrapbook featuring treasured family photos and memorabilia. Simply cut the paper to size, punch a few holes on one side, thread a piece of ribbon or string through and you’re ready to start adding photos and decorative pieces.


Another eco-friendly option is to take leaves or flowers that have fallen in the garden, press them in a heavy book to dry out and flatten, and string them together to create a hanging nature mobile.


This Christmas, inventive Keedos can finally put their mom’s spare button collection to good use. Glue the buttons together, paint and add a piece of string to create unique Christmas tree ornaments – from Father Christmas to reindeer, elves and more – all it takes is a few buttons, and a little imagination.


“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” – Sarah Dessen


With more than 23 years in the South African retail market, designer children’s clothing brand, Keedo, fully understands two things; the value of family time, and the value of money. Parents – breathe a sigh of relief – the two values need not be mutually exclusive, and the one certainly does not depend on the other.

This Christmas, focus on the things that matter most; family, quality time, and the true enjoyment of the splendours nature has to offer. In Johannesburg, for example, a trip to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens is a wonderful (and affordable) family affair. Pack a picnic basket, watch the kiddies play on the jungle gym and in the tunnels, and take a walk to the mesmerising waterfall.


If you’re in the Cape for Christmas, visit the Wolf Sanctuary near Plettenburg Bay (Western Cape), take a game drive through the Kalagadi Transfrontier Park in Upington (Northern Cape), go for a nature trail horse ride in Stormsriver (Eastern Cape), or take a hop-on-hop-off train trip along the Southern Line Rail Route in Cape Town (Southwest Cape).


If you’re visiting KwaZulu-Natal this festive season, visit the over 900 species of birds at the Umgeni River Bird Park; amaze your kids with incredible species from the past in the Durban Natural Science Museum (entrance is free); or go biking in the Giba Gorge.


Enjoy the festive season together!



South Africa’s favourite kids clothing brand is loved for many reasons, including its style, comfort, educational efforts, and for letting kids be kids. Keedo, the proudly South African designer kids’ boutique, is dedicated to quality from concept to creation; every detail of every garment is monitored from inception through to completion.

How, you may ask, is this achieved? Through sound operations, and a trusted, tried and tested “design to store” process. Here’s how our beautiful Keedo garments are created and ultimately sent to be sold in-store:

  • The design team brainstorms ideas and concepts for new ranges. This process is guided by inspirational messages, current fashion trends and consumer feedback.
  • The team meticulously designs the clothing, utilising stylish prints and graphics to complete the perfect look.


With the concept completed, creation begins.

  • A pattern maker interprets the cads (computer aided designs), expertly transforming the drawings into 3D garments.



  • The machinists use these patterns to create high quality samples of the designs.
  • The samples are carefully considered, and the final items selected for inclusion in the new range are costed.
  • The chosen clothing is skillfully manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.



  • The new ranges are then distributed to the many Keedo stores across South Africa, to be sold.


Why is this stringent process followed? As American businessman Tom Peters once said; “Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.”


To learn more about Keedo and its locally manufactured clothing ranges, CLICK HERE.


Yes, there is immense pride to be had in the country’s flag – it is a symbol of democracy, overcoming challenges and the hope of a better life. While an affinity for the flag is a patriotic approach, the designer kids clothing brand, Keedo, believes there’s a lot more to being “proudly South African” – and that more can be done to make the people of South Africa proud.

Since its inception in 1993, and despite immense growth both nationally and abroad, Keedo still manufactures its clothing at its local factory in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. This factory is supported by various satellite factories in local communities which promote job creation and give parents the chance to work near to home, allowing them more time with their children.

The brand is passionate about the country and her people, and chooses to maintain local, responsible, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This choice brings with it an array of benefits, from cost savings that are passed on to customers, to seasonal accuracy, local themes, and the right design for the right child. In addition, Keedo is successfully able to manage its Quick Response Programme, ensuring that lines are adjusted in accordance with customer needs. This speed of response, with new ranges being available within two weeks of conception, would simply not be possible if the garments were not lovingly made in South Africa.    

While its clothing allows kids to be kids, Keedo’s employee support and training also allows adults to be adults, as they grow and develop within their employment. As the economy is boosted through local sales, so new jobs are constantly being created, in the factory, in the satellite offices and in the stores across the country. That certainly is something to be proud of.

Proudly SA